Editors’ Selection 19-Jan-2021

Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, May 1967, Bremen / Germany



Joined STRKNG in January 2017.

STRKNG is an international portfolio collection and online gallery for contemporary photography, based in Cologne, Germany.

Up to three images are selected daily for the topic Editors’ Selection and are shared widely in social media.

“Editors’ Selection – images” are additionally published on issuu, the digital publishing platform for magazines.

59 magazines are published so far (10-February-2022), covering the time frame from September 2014 – March 2021.

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Editors’ Selection 21-Aug-2020

L1216909-1 -summer in the city-

summer in the city


Editors’ Selection 30-Jul-2020

Website-1 2 3-#abstract #blackandwhite #1 2 3 #hansmartindoelz

1 2 3


Editors’ Selection 6-Feb-2018

L1001068-1 WC bearbeitet 1-5 silver efex dynamisch hart

on the way


Editors’ Selection 2-Feb-2017


the line


Editors’ selection 2-Mar-2017


the caravan