1X Ambassador

In June 2021 1X founder and CEO Ralf Stelander appointed me head of the 1X ambassador team which comes from countries such as Abu Dhabi, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Dominica, France, Germany, India, Israel, Indonesia, Japan , Norway, Portugal, Romania, Thailand, Turkey, UK and USA.

Together we are looking for the world’s greatest contemporary photographers to join 1X for presenting a cross-section of their works in the 1X gallery.

Invited photographers will be offered a free 1X membership and personal assistance through an 1X ambassador.


Founded in 2007 by two Swedish photographers, 1X has developed since one of the most prestigious online galleries for photography in the world.


All photos in the gallery are selected by a team of professional curators with backgrounds from well known institutions such as Sotheby’s and Tate Modern Art.

Never before curators were needed so much as today where people are flooded not only by visual content. Through intelligent selection curators can contribute that photographers who create high class photography receive the appreciation they deserve.

In addition to the images shown in the gallery, 1X runs an online magazine with about 15 publishes per month. The reader finds image tutorials, theme related selections of  pictures or interviews with 1X-photographers. Each published article in the magazine has a permanent, unique web address (permalink) and will therefore be permanently available.

Recently a brandnew feature was added:  1X members can create exhibitions with a selection of their images just like we know this from museums.

We face it everyday — the world is getting faster, smaller and flooded with content that no one could digest even in several lifetimes. Hold on and think about that for a moment. The amount of new content that gets generated every day is staggering. 

In this world 1X offers its member photographers a place to relax, to enjoy photography in its numerous facets and get inspired.


Have a look at a special exhibition of 20 of my works in the 1X gallery:


# 300, 2019


“The visual perception of things in space mainly depends on light and the angle of view.” – Hans-Martin Doelz, photographer


Here you’ll find some of the photographers who accepted our invitation. We are very honored to have them on board at 1X.

Stay tuned to find some more world class photographers here !

Open invitations:

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