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March 2023

My Still Life image was published by L’Oeil de la Photographie / The Eye of Photography, an online magazine edited by Jean-Jacques Naudet and Gilles Decamps.

publication 6 March, 2023
“Still Life with wisdom, 2017”


December 2022

Happy about my photo being included in the book COLORS by Dodho Magazine, Barcelona / Spain. The book was just published and features about 100 color photos selected by an international jury. 


November 2022

In addition to the annual German photo championship the German DVF (German association for photography) organizes a really tough challenge for German photographers, where printed photos are evaluated by a jury. Only the 25 best pictures are awarded in three categories, color, monochrome and a special theme that changes every year. My image “look right” was among the winners in the category monochrome.


German photography magazine fotoforum awarded my image the caravan winner of the contest “four seasons”, subcategory summer. The fotoforum award is the photography contest with the highest prize money in the German speaking area.


September 2022

I feel very honored that three of my photos have been awarded in this prestigious international photography contest. The International Photography Awards is conducted by the Lucie Foundation, Los Angeles, USA and are among the most recognized events in photography. Lucie Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit, charitable foundation whose mission is to honor master photographers, discover and cultivate emerging talent and promote the appreciation of photography worldwide.

Jan van der Meij, The Analogues, Epiphone Casino, 2022


close to the finish line, 2018


Ballerina, 2019


August 2022

Happy about my photo being included in the book MONOCHROMATIC by Dodho Magazine, Barcelona / Spain. The book will be published in September 2022 and features 100 monochrome photos selected by an international jury.

# 256, 2019


July 2022


Color is a medium through which artists can express their internal processes, and it is also a universal language through which emotions and feelings can be communicated and understood.

There is no doubt that we have gone through some dark times, but color and light are always present in our world, shining even more brightly against the backdrop of our struggles. So we turn our focus—and our cameras—on all that is bright and colorful in our world.

the wall, 2016


June 2022

# 920, 2022
# 800, 2022

A portfolio with twelve images from my mannequins series was published by L’Oeil de la Photographie / The Eye of Photography, an online magazine edited by Jean-Jacques Naudet and Gilles Decamps.

Jean-Jacques Naudet has already had an illustrious career in photography. He was the Editor-in-Chief of French PHOTO Magazine at its height in the ’70s and ‘80s, editor-at-large for American PHOTO, and eventually the founder of his own magazine, the former Le Journal Photographie. 

In his latest endeavor, the website L’Oeil de la Photographie (The Eye of Photography), Naudet aims to bring together what he describes as “the two worlds of photography”:  those who, like himself, “are passionate and have the knowledge and the culture of photography,” and the younger generation, “these millions and millions of young kids addicted to photography through Flickr, Instagram, and Facebook [who] may be lacking the background, the culture, and the knowledge.”

Aimed at a global audience, L’Oeil is available in French, English, or Chinese, and is a conglomerate reporting on photographic exhibitions, portfolios, awards, and books.

Portrayals of Mannequins

The mannequin in its modern form appeared on the high streets of London, Paris and New York in the 1870s and quickly became an essential part of any window display.

Mannequins have always been much more than an elaborate hanger to showcase the fashionable clothing of their time, but also mimic the fashionable body shapes of their time and appear in window displays that reflect the trending themes.

In the beginning they were modeled on aristocrats, movie stars, musicians and models, today they embody an ideal of beauty above all. They are a ubiquitous feature of every high street and mall in the developed world.

Nowadays mannequins can be considered as a new public art having replaced the goddess sculptures in the name of commerce. In a culture where money is king, the greatest art and aesthetics are those that can be bought. And so the mannequin must convey our ideals and fantasies while making them accessible by buying everything that covers them.

That’s why mannequins should convey a certain kind of elegance. Elegance, a synonym for beauty that has come to acquire the additional connotations of unusual effectiveness and simplicity. It is frequently used as a standard of tastefulness particularly in the areas of visual design, decoration. Elegant things exhibit refined grace and dignified property.

The mannequins shown here are portrayals like portraits of living persons. All images were taken from outside through the glass of the window pane with all influences and limitations the photographer faces in this situation.

Dependent on the situation (light, angle of view, surrounding) there are many diverse realizations, there are color photos, there are monochrome images, but the main thing in focus is always the face.

The human face is surprisingly full of expression and most people are able to scan it in order to differentiate the smallest changes in mimics of others. The recognition of human faces and mimics is so important that an entire area in our brain is devoted solely to this task. So it is not too surprising that the portrayal of the human face also takes up a great role in art.

Even the designers of the mannequins have taken this into account. That’s why some mannequins look like human beings made of flesh and blood.

“The most entertaining surface on earth is that of the human face.” – Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, German physicist and satirist, master of aphorism (1 July 1742 – 24 February 1799)

Hans-Martin Dölz


January 2022

Publication in STRKNG Editors’ Selection #58

Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Bremen / Germany, May 1967


October 2021

  • Photographer: Hans Martin Doelz
  • Prize: 2nd Place / Book (Other)
  • Date of Photograph: May 1967 and 2013 – 2021
  • Technical Info: Leica M9-P

This book is not a storytelling book in a usual sense. It contains 50 photographs, witnesses of a photographic journey through the years. Each photo can be seen as a representative for a special genre I was interested in at the time I took the shot. Nothing has been staged, all has always happened more or less accidentally. Enriched by quotes from photographers this book invites to relax and deal with photographs which were created between 2013 and 2021 with the exception of one that was taken in 1967. 

50 selected works


April 2021

This 54 year old photo reached the final of this year’s edition of the Siena International Photo Awards. Category: Documentary & Photojournalism. I feel extremely honored. The SIPA Contest is one of the most demanding photo competitions worldwide.

Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, May 1967, Bremen / Germany




March 2021

Interview in the magazine of Swedish Online Gallery 1X


July 2020
Some good news ! / Eine erfreuliche Nachricht !
My photo “Inside the cube” was published in the coffeetable book

Camerapixo 10 year anniversary ARCHITECTURE – SQ 2


Book Cover
Inside the cube I (page 33)


April 2020


Some good news ! / Eine erfreuliche Nachricht !






Ballet I, the monochrome version of a shot I took in 2019 by lucky chance and still one of my personal favorites, reached the final in the 6th edition of the Siena International Photo Awards 2020 and was additionally published by Swedish photo gallery 1X.


1x - ballet-i-1833851

March 2020

EFIAP Distinction for Photographic Merit




I’m happy having obtained the distinction EFIAP (Excellence FIAP) by the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique.




Ich freue mich über die Verleihung des Ehrentitels EFIAP (Excellence FIAP) durch die Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique.




December 2019


I’m happy that a series of photographs from my current project “mannequins” was recently published by Spanish photography-magazine Dodho.




Ich freue mich über die Veröffentlichung einer Bilderserie aus meinem aktuellen “Mannequins”-Projekt im spanischen Foto-Magazin Dodho.






September 2019


A nice gesture from the DVF to publish a short essay of my photography in the October issue of the magazine PHOTOGRAPHIE. And many thanks too to Jana Kühle for the text authoring.




Eine nette Geste des DVF, einen kleinen Bericht über meine Fotografie in der Oktober-Ausgabe der Zeitschrift PHOTOGRAPHIE zu veröffentlichen. Vielen Dank, auch an Jana Kühle für das Verfassen des Textes.



PHOTOGRAPHIE 10 | 2019DVF Fotograf des Monats Hans Martin Dölz PHOTOGRAPHIE 10 | 2019




After a lot of awarded abstract and architecture photos one of my first portrait photographs was recently awarded at the prestigious “int’l photography awards” (ipa).
Nach Erfolgen mit einer Vielzahl abstrakter sowie Architektur-Fotos freue ich mich über die Auszeichnung eines meiner ersten Porträt-Bilder bei den “int’l photography awards” (ipa).


Website-L1212214-#moments #blackandwhite #headphones #hansmartindoelz







March 2019


I feel very honored being invited to join the Jury Panel for the 5th edition of the Siena International Photo Awards
Ich fühle mich sehr geehrt, bei der 5. Auflage der Siena International Photo Awards Mitglied der Jury sein zu dürfen.


Jury SIPAContest 2019 - Hans-Martin Dölz



Siena International Photo Awards SIPAContest Judging Panel 2019 - Hans-Martin Dölz



AFIAP Distinction for Photographic Merit

I’m happy having obtained the distinction AFIAP (Artiste FIAP) by the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique.

Ich freue mich über die Verleihung des Ehrentitels AFIAP (Artiste FIAP) durch die Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique.



February 2019


My photo “the caravan” received a silver medal in the German photo contest
(DVF-Themenwettbewerb “Leben in Deutschland – Wohnen”)
Beim Themenwettbewerb des Deutschen Verbandes für Fotografie wurde mein Bild “Der Wohnwagen” mit einer Silbermedaille ausgezeichnet.


Der Wohnwagen

DVF Silbermedaille Hans-Martin Doelz Der Wohnwagen the caravan-1




January 2019


Two honorable mentions in the Monochrome Awards 2018 for “black symphony” and “lines and signs”


L1203224-b1-black symphony


PHOTOGRAPHIZE lines and signs




December 2018


An article with graphics and photographs,
published by Photographize Magazine, New York City


photographize moments of stillness




November 2018




Photographize Monochrome 01 : 1


Photographize Monochrome 01 : 2


Photographize Monochrome 01 : 3




Honorable Mention for a series of images of the Stuttgart City Library
Neutral Densitity Awards


nd awards_certificate_Hans-Martin Doelz-2018







October 2018


Published by Photographize Magazine, New York City


Blog Photographize - 2018-Oct-06 um 22.22 Hans Martin Dölz




September 2018


Two images (“world of books” and “1 2 3”) published in Photographize Magazine #39


Photographize 39 Hans-Martin Doelz (small)




July 2018


“book temple III”,  published in the July 2018 issue of National Geographic Magazine


book temple III - National Geographic


Nat Geo July 2018
Nat Geo Your Shot July 2018
National Geographic, 2018 Jul-1


April 2018



FAPA_4th_Edition_Certificate Hans-Martin Doelz

 world of books (Website)


mit Logo und Rand BIBLIOTHEK - L1206520-Bearbeitet-4-1-2 Blausättigung - 20 % Originalgröße 8MB DFM 2018



February 2018



L1200653-1 NSPAU Gold Medal

I feel very honored to receive a Gold Medal from the National Society Of Photo Artists Of Ukraine



Two of my images published in STRKNG – Editors’ Selection #19
Zwei meiner Bilder wurden im STRKNG-Magazin #19 veröffentlicht


strkng #19


strkng vol 19 - the line
strkng vol 19 - the caravan





 December 2017



The book

ISBN 978-88-942006-2-1

book2017-beyond the lens


SIPA Yearbook 2017 page 120 + page 121




L1205992-1 beyond the lens

The exhibition

from 29. October – 31. December 2017 in Siena / Italy

beyond the lens L1206006-1



Beyond the Lens, Exhibition in China, November 2017

SIPA 2017 Beyond The Lens - Anhui, China - 2017 Yixian International Photo Festival



Short video about the exhibition in Siena, Italy


SIPA 2017 - beyond the lens - Hans Martin Doelz Ami Vitale







November 2017


The British Photography Contest “Neutral Density Photography Awards” announced the results of their 2017 edition.

One photo was awarded 3rd place (Bronze Star Award) in “Architecture-Interior” category and another photo was awarded honorable mention in “Architecture-Industry” category.

nd awards 2017_certificate_Hans-Martin_Doelz-architecture-interior category
nd awards 2017_certificate_Hans-Martin_Doelz-honorable mention-industrial category




German Press / Deutsche Presse

Siena International Photography Awards 2017



Germany / Deutschland


Spiegel Online - SIPA Contest 2017 - Hans Martin Dölz






October 2017


Great News !


Siena International Photo Awards 2017 Winners Announced


sipa 2017 ceremony copyright fabio di pietro
© Fabio di Pietro



Selected from 49,429 entries, a nature photo that incredibly captured lightning strikes and a flock of cranes in motion on the Ogallala Aquifer near Wood River, Nebraska, U.S.A., has been selected as the overall winner of the 2017 Siena International Photo Awards (SIPA) contest. The photo, titled “Sandhill Cranes”, was shot by renowned National Geographic photographer Randy Olson.


randy olson



The American photographer beat entrants from 161 countries to scoop the title of SIPAContest Photographer of the Year 2017. Olson took the photo in August 2016: “There was a ton of lightning right behind the birds. I put the camera on a tripod and just started pumping the shutter, making sequential 30-second exposures. This shot happened to capture the lightning and all the birds in motion,” Olson said in a recent National Geographic interview.

Ami Vitale, an American who works as a contract photographer with National Geographic, won the Storytelling category and the prestigious title of “Best Author 2017”. Her winning series documents experimental and largely successful efforts by Chinese bear keepers at the Hetaoping Wolong Panda Center to train cubs born in captivity to survive in the wilderness. Sergey Gorshkov‘s striking image of a fox having to face a gander, in Wrangel Island, earned the Russian photographer the first prize in Wildlife. Jonathan Bachman, after having received the 1st prize at this year’s edition of World Press Photo, is the winning photographer in the General category with his image of a man detained while protesting the death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S. on July 9, 2016. Alessandra Meniconzi, Switzerland, placed first in the Travel category for a young girl collecting firewood in Siberia; Roie Galitz, Israel, placed first in the Special category 2017, “Fragile Ice”, a photo of polar bear leaping on the floating sea ice in Svalbard; and James Smart, Australia, placed first in the Nature category for a photo of a storm in Black Hawk, South Dakota (USA). The Monochrome category was won by Jack Savage, United Kingdom, with a stunning image inspired by the beautiful city of Lviv. Joao Taborda, Portugal, won People & Portrait with a young girl standing in the middle of the crowd during the Portuguese Youth Festival; Hans-Martin Doelz, Germany, won Architecture with an interior shot of the Stuttgart City Library. The British sport photographer Tim Clayton came in first in the Sport category with an amazing image catching the Great Britain team winning the gold medal at the Rio Olympic Velodrome in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Under 20 prize went to Chinese photographer Zijie Gong, for his beautifully detailed shot of an old teahouse in Western China where an old man is making calculations on an abacus.



SIPA 2017 1° CLASSIFIED - Architecture - Hans Martin Doelz (DE)


SIPA 2017 Awards Ceremony 28.10.2017 (09) Hans-Martin Doelz Copyright Siena International Photo Awards
Awards Ceremony 28.10.2017, Siena, Teatro dei Rozzi
© Siena International Photo Awards




August 2017


Two of my submitted images (“black symphony” and “inside the cube III“) were awarded honorable mention in 1st edition of Monovisions Photography Awards.
Zwei meiner eingereichten Fotos (“black symphony” und “inside the cube III“) sind bei der ersten Auflage der Monovisons Photography Awards mit einer ehrenvollen Erwähnung ausgezeichnet worden.





June 2017


The image “black symphony” was awarded honorable mention in the international french photography contest Px3.


Das Foto “black symphony” wurde beim internationalen französischen Fotografie-Wettbewerb mit einer ehrenvollen Erwähnung bedacht.

L1203224-b1-black symphony
black symphony
px3 2017 black symphony
April 2017


Two of my submitted images are shortlisted in Siena International Photo Awards. SIPA is considered one of the most prestigious international photography contests worldwide with photographers coming from more than 100 countries. The results of the competition will be announced on October 28, 2017 during the awards ceremony in Siena.


Finalist_Logo_2017 Siena International Photo Awards SIPA


The awarded and finalist images will be published on the competition’s website and showcased in a collective exhibition during Siena Art Photo Travel Festival 2017       (28. October – 30. November 2017).

At the end of the exhibition cycle photo prints on display will be sold in a charity public auction in aid of a project of solidarity.


Zwei meiner zu den Siena International Photo Awards (SIPA) eingereichten Fotos wurden von der 24-köpfigen internationalen Jury für das Finale nominiert.

SIPA ist ein noch junger Wettbewerb, gehört jedoch bereits in seinem dritten Jahr zu den renommiertesten Fotografiewettbewerben weltweit und weist eine hohe internationale Beteiligung auf. Bereits 2016 nahmen Berufs- und Amateur-Fotografen aus mehr als 100 verschiedenen Ländern teil.

Die Resultate des Wettbewerbs werden in einer feierlichen Veranstaltung am 28. Oktober 2017 in Siena  bekanntgegeben.

Sämtliche ausgezeichneten Bilder werden in einer Gemeinschaftsausstellung während des Siena Art Photo Travel Festival 2017  (28. Oktober – 30. November 2017) dem interessierten Publikum gezeigt.

Nach dem Ende des Festivals werden die ausgestellten Bilder in einer Charity-Auktion versteigert. Der Erlös kommt einem gemeinnützigen Zweck zugute.




Two of my photographs, “black symphony” and “the library” were recently published by Camerapixo Photography Magazine, London, United Kingdom.

camerapixo black symphony
camerapixo the library


March 2017


My photograph “the line” was recently published by Camerapixo Photography Magazine, London, United Kingdom and additionally awarded with the Photo Press Award. 

Camerapixo belongs to the leading online photography magazines.


published on page 35 of the magazine We inspire 18 – Hot Shots
Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-22 um 16.06.57 the line camerapixo press award page 35


February 2017


My photography project “Stuttgart City Library” was featured on Behance and additionally published by Abduzeedo.








January 2017


inside the cube



blurb book monochrome awards 2016



Dezember 2016

L1000651-1-3_book temple_klein 72dpi für wordpress

“book temple III”

was awarded with the Gold Medal FAF (Federación Argentina de Fotografía)


2° Salon Internacional de Fotografia Foto Club Del Plata 2016



November 2016

“the caravan” received two honorable mentions in the prestigious British ND Awards, one in the category “Fine Art”, the second one in the category “Architecture”.


the caravan


“Inside the cube I”, an image that shows the interior of the Stuttgart City Library, was recently published by Camerapixo Photography Magazine, London, United Kingdom. Camerapixo belongs to the leading online photography magazines.

Look into the magazine by clicking on the cover


see page 57


“the entrance”, published in “Book Two – The Best Of Architecture Photography”

by Camerapixo, London, United Kingdom


the entrance

(see page 68)


“1 2 3”, published in VISIONS, Yearbook 2016

by 1x Innovations AB, Uppsala, Sweden

ISBN 978-91-979184-6-6


1 2 3


Publication on 3-Nov-2016 in Dodho Magazine.

A report about a visit to the Stuttgart City Library / Germany

Dodho Magazine is a fine art photography magazine based in Barcelona, Spain. The magazine features the best of contemporary photography by established and emerging photographers from around the globe.


Click on the cover to read the full article


Two of my images were recently published by Camerapixo Photography Magazine, London, United Kingdom. Camerapixo belongs to the leading online photography magazines.

Look into the magazine by clicking on the cover


see page 44 and page 52


Results of the 84th German Fotomeisterschaft Bremerhaven 2016:

5.435 submitted photographs by 917 photographers.

1.043 accepted photographs, thereof 21 honored with a medal and  42 honored with a certificate.

The awards ceremony took place on  1. October 2016 in Bremerhaven.

The photograph “Klassenarbeit” was awarded with a certificate.


Report on the website of the German association for photography – DVF


IPA 2016: Honorable mention for “in the stadium”

The body of work consists of four images

Click here to see all four images 


IPA 2016: Honorable mention for “the caravan”


March 2016

Although taking, sharing, and viewing photographs has become second nature for many of us, our regular engagement with images does not necessarily make us visually literate. This course aims to address the gap between seeing and truly understanding photographs by introducing a diversity of ideas, approaches, and technologies that inform their making. In this course you will look closely at photographs from the collection of The Museum of Modern Art and hear a variety of perspectives on what a photograph is and the ways that photography has been used throughout its nearly 180 year history: as a means of artistic expression, as a tool for science and exploration; as an instrument of documentation; to tell stories and record histories; and as a mode of communication and critique in our ever increasingly visual culture.

'Coursera QT649PQKCJTL Hans Martin Doelz '


February 2016

1X (one exposure) , the biggest curated photo community in the world was founded in 1997 by two Swedish photographers.

In late 2015 I was invited for an interview about my photographic activities and my attitude towards photography and reality.

Click to read the Interview Part 1

Click to read the Interview Part 2



January 2016

Received two honorable mentions for “1 2 3” and “pipes”

Press Release MonoAwards 2015

monochrome awards pipes


My interview will be published soon, stay tuned !wortwolken_com_019


December 2015

Review about the ND Awards 2015 in the 1X-Magazine 


November 2015

Neutral Density Photography Awards (ND Awards) 2015

This prestigious British photography contest was launched in 2014 and was held successfully for the second time in 2015.

Photographers from 77 countries submitted thousands of images which were reviewed by a panel of highly acclaimed industry professionals, including: gallery owners, publishers, editors and renowned photographers.

1st place   Gold Star Award   Category: Architecture – Interior

L1000681-1_beschnitten4 Kopie klein für pentaprism
ND AWARDS_certificate_Hans-Martin_Doelz 2015 1st place gold star


November 2015

Published in 1X – Magazine

Click on image to read about Inspirational Architecture and Abstract Photography

hans martin doelz fine art photography and digital art


October 2015

Tutorial of the image “1 2 3 4” published by 1X

Read the tutorial for free by clicking on the image

1 2 3 4 WordPress


August 2015

1 2 3 4 WordPress

“1 2 3 4” – published in the 1X-yearbook 2015 “MEMENTO”.

1X is the biggest curated photo community in the world.

All photos in the gallery are selected by a team of 12 professional curators with backgrounds from well known institutions such as Sotheby’s and Tate Modern Art.

About 300,000 images per year are uploaded to 1X and submitted to the curators for screening.

Less than 20,000 are published in the 1X-gallery.

From these 20,000 images 244 were selected to be published in the yearbook “MEMENTO”.


June 2015

the shooting

“the shooting”, published 4 June 2015 in STARK-Magazine Issue 37.

STARK-Magazine is a monthly online and print magazine featuring artists from around the world.

The magazine seeks to promote art reflecting what they call the ‘Intelligent Eye’.

STARK-Magazine Issue 37

Regrettably the editors of Stark-Magazine have ceased their publications,

all online-publications were deleted in early 2016


April 2015

123456_klein für wordpress

One of my awarded abstract images “(1 2 3 4 5 6)” published 13 April 2015 in MONOVISIONS Black & White Photography Magazine !

I feel very honored.


February 2015

hans martin doelz fine art photography and digital art
123456_klein für wordpress

Monochrome Awards 2014:

Honorable Mentions for “reflections” and “1 2 3 4 5 6”


Abstract Honorable Mentions Monochrome Awards 2014


February 2015

L1000651-1-3_book temple_klein 72dpi für wordpress

Tutorial of “book temple” with a slightly modified editing published in the LEARNING section of 1x, the biggest curated photo community in the world.

All photos in the gallery are selected by a team of 12 professional curators with backgrounds from well known institutions such as Sotheby’s and Tate Modern Art.



February 2015


“book temple”: awarded finalist in the HIPA Life in Colour competition 2014/2015.

HIPA is one of the world’s most prestigious photo contests.

30,878 contestants from 166 countries submitted 60,162 photographs.

The prize money amounted to 400,000 US Dollars.

Some details and the winning photographs:

The international jury nominated 257 photos as finalists in the main category “Life in Colour”, one of four different categories.

Link to the photo “book temple” in the HIPA Award-Gallery:



November 2014

nd awards 2014 book temple honorable mention_1
nd_certifcate_Hans-Martin_Dölz 72 dpi

“book temple” – Honorable Mention ND Awards 2014

ND Awards


October 2014


“book temple” – published in STARK-Magazine Issue 27

STARK-Magazine Issue 27 (pdf-file)

Regrettably the editors of Stark-Magazine have ceased their publications,

all online-publications were deleted in early 2016


September 2014


My book “shapes – colors – structures” – published on the occasion of a group exhibition at 3rd Artist’s Fair Schwetzingen Castle, Schwetzingen, Germany, September 2014

Read about the book in the 1X-magazine

1X is the world’s biggest curated photo gallery on the web


August 2014

L1190569-1_quadratisch_klein für wordpress

“reflections” – published in the 1X-yearbook 2014 “MONO”.

1X is the biggest curated photo community in the world.

All photos in the gallery are selected by a team of 12 professional curators with backgrounds from well known institutions such as Sotheby’s and Tate Modern Art.

About 300,000 images per year are uploaded to 1X and submitted to the curators for screening.

Less than 20,000 are published in the 1X-gallery.

From these 20,000 images 244 were selected to be published in the yearbook “MONO”.


June 2014

1 2 3 4 WordPress

” 1 2 3 4 ” – published in PENTAPRISM MAGAZINE #4 (June 2014) on page 90/91

Pentaprism Magazine #4


September 2013

Group exhibition 2nd Artist’s Fair Schwetzingen Castle, Schwetzingen, Germany

Exhibition of graphical works


June 2013

stark_bibliothek_publishing Kopie

“the meeting” – published June 2013 in STARK-Magazine Issue 16.

STARK-Magazine Issue 16

Regrettably the editors of Stark-Magazine have ceased their publications,

all online-publications were deleted in early 2016

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