Artworks for sale


16kugeln_basis_ellipse_z003_4kacheln_jeweils farbänderungen

“4 x 4 x 4”, 2010


Interested in buying an artwork ?

No problem.

Just send me a mail and ask for details. Each artwork physically exists as a digital file. The customer purchases an individually manufactured output/execution according to his wishes without the right to reproduce, distribute or make it available to the public. Basically all manufactured artworks which measurements exceed 40 cm (15.75 inch) on the long side are strictly limited up to a maximum of 10 (+2 AP) and are numbered and signed by the artist.

However, some galleries are authorized to sell unsigned prints of my artworks but this only applies to very few artworks. These prints are not signed and not limited.

The numbers of sales of the signed artworks will be recorded with a detailed documentation of the execution (e.g. print on fine art paper or Alu-Dibond, Diasec) and the measurements. On request these data will be made available to the customer of an artwork.

Don’t hesitate to ask for more informations !

Currently you can choose from 26 different images.



“lines and signs”, 2018


L1206534 Stuttgart 2018

“Stuttgart 2018”, 2018


world of books (Website)

     “world of books”, 2018


L1205313-1 lightroom blausatt-50 rotsatt+50 apple automatisch anpassen stuttgart

“Stuttgart 2017”, 2017


L1203861-Bearbeitet-1 höfingen wrapped car

“wrapped car”, 2017


L1203016 Hamburg, 2017

“Hamburg 2017”, 2017


L1203127-1 fotoforum am wasser - cleaning up at Hamburg Fish Market

“Cleaning up at Hamburg Fish Market I”, 2017


L1203128-1 cleaning up at Hamburg Fish Market

“Cleaning up at Hamburg Fish Market II”, 2017


L1203224-b1-black symphony

“black symphony”, 2017


L1203148-Bearbeitet-1 varitone 6 the wall hamburg urban geometry

“the wall”, 2017


L1203067-1 hamburg deichtorhallen haus der fotografie the black room rotluminanz + 50

“the black room”, 2017


L1202117 varitone 1 DVF-Meisterschaft 2017 (Annahme)

“walking around”, 2016



“the caravan”, 2016


transition quadratisch

“Transition”, 2016


L1202590-Bearbeitet-2-1-2 neu exportiert optimal fotoforum architektur stadt

“Stuttgart 2016”, 2016


L1200108-1 bad liebenzell fotoforum award menschen mit copyright klein

“the line (color)”, 2015


L1191066-Bearbeitet-2-Bearbeitet-1 stadion bahn farblich optimiert

“lanes and green grass”, 2015



“1 2 3”, 2015


1 2 3 4  WordPress

“1 2 3 4”, 2014


L1000651-1-3_book temple_klein 72dpi für wordpress

“book temple III”, 2014



“the entrance”, 2014


running klein für Art Limited

“running”, 2012



“squares – 05”, 2011


Art Limited 25-Aug-2016

“squares – 03”, 2011


sky1_randgefüllt_farbumkehr_maxrgbminkanäle_1_teilweiserot art limited

“squares in black and red”, 2011

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